The Esoteric Order.

Soul Painting

When there is nowhere to turn, turn to The Esoteric Order.

In times of trouble The Esoteric Order is there for you. A place of rest and spiritual upliftment.

In other words we offer Spiritual and Personal Assistance

See Services to discover ways we can be of personal assistance or the Teachings to chart your own course. We also have some Products for sale which we have direct experience of and can recommend with a true heart

What you have found here is an ever growing resource for spiritual and personal development. It is compiled and written by people for people. The driving force, of the The Esoteric Order, if we can help we will help. The main focus of our work involves assisting people to follow, reach their full potential even when or especially when they feel they have no potential.

A good place to start would be the Teachings, here we will be posting more lesson on a regular basis to help you explore different aspects of personal and spiritual growth.

If you do not change you will stay as you are. If you are happy to stay the same, good luck with that and come back when you want change to happen, we will still be here or will we. Change is frightening and change hurts but not as much as staying the same.

If the acorn did not change ........

The purpose of the order is to bring to its visitors a synthesis of the spiritual teachings, both ancient and modern, and present them in a way which is applicable in the real lives of our visitors living in our evolving, ever changing world.

In a world that makes ever increasing demands on our strength, and resources, many are finding it difficult to to see the real meaning behind worldly and personal events, yet only by seeing things for what they truly are, the spiritual view, can we ever hope to find the true meaning and purpose to our lives.