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Arabic Parts Calculator

Personal Point+ Significator- Trigger= Arabic Part
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1. Select an Arabic Part from the pull-down menu. Each part is composed of a 3-part formula consisting of a Personal Point (usually the Ascendant), a Significator and a Trigger.

2. Enter the sign, degree and minute (optional) for each part of the formula by looking them up in the natal chart for the person in question. Some formulas listed here have both an AM and PM version. The PM version is a reverse of the AM version and when indicated, persons born in the daytime (Sun in 7th - 12th houses) should use the AM formula while persons born in the evening (Sun in 1st - 6th houses) should use the PM formula. Sometimes it's best to try both formulas.

3. Press the "Find Arabic Part" button to view the Arabic Part. The result is a point on the chart listed as degrees and minutes of a particular sign.

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Chart data is checked and added by hand usually within 48 hours. If you do not receive an email with your chart link after 3 days, check your email address on the Login page, emails can get lost.