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The Journey.

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The other day I was ask 'where do I start?'. The answer I gave was, on reflection, not very helpful because in truth there is no set starting point. Everyone's path is unique and should not be dictated by others no matter how well meaning, people need to find there own way but after sleeping on it I felt that maybe I could have offered some insight into how I got started, with the rider that this is what happened to me, it may and most likely will happen to you differently. Note I said 'happen to' not how I did it because your journey should unfold before you. Following a set curriculum is not the way of growth it is the way of dogma and I loath dogma. You may call the process guided by angels or spiritual guides or tuning in but at the end of the day stuff happens and if you are just starting out the for now keep it at that, once you start, stuff happens. Allow your journey to unfold in its own time.

What I intend to do is to offer my journey, how it happened to me, you can take from it what you will. Because most of my journey has revolved around books and the impressions and options they offered what I present is a biographical book review.


My favourite occult authors by far and those that I would recommend for you to read no matter what the title are Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight. If you find books by Dion Fortune with a commentary by Gareth Knight you have a bonus. It would of course not be right to miss two other great authors Dolores Ashcroft-Nowick and Israel Regardie. Aleister Crowley will take some study to weed out the wheat from the chafe as will Eliphas Levi but your studies will not be complete without exploring the works of these two enigmatic authors.

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That being said there have been many meetings with many other authors, so I shall attempt to layout in chronological order the steps along the way, however, some books came to me and I took from them the message that I needed at the time and then I re-read them at a much latter date and discovered so much more.

Phase 1 of the Journey.

As I think back I know exactly how it all began for me. I was a very down to earth man's man, I had a small building business, not very successful but it kept me and my then wife and two step children. My mother lived in Wales in the house I now live in and on one visit I noticed an Astrology book on the coffee table. I picked it up and began my journey. I do not remember the title of that book but I do know it impressed me and I told my wife as much, as it was approaching my birthday, this made it very easy for my wife to pick a present and she purchased 'The Complete Astrologer by Derek and Julia Parker Hardback 1971 edition'.

Review of - The Complete Astrologer by Derek and Julia Parker

This book got me well into astrology and I quickly started to cast charts for family. As I became more and more involved with astrology the ramifications were not lost on me and my mind started to question things that I had never before even thought of. If this was true and my early efforts at chart interpretation were leading me to a very strong conviction on that, then what was going on? There had to be something more to our existence than I had previously thought. Soon however, people started to seek me out for me to do their chart, in those days I did not charge but I was conscious that I should do a proper job as it had become more than just entertainment. So I decided I had better look a bit more deeply into astrology and that lead to my second book Margaret Hone's 'Modern Text Book of Astrology'. Which lead to my third book Applied Astrology - Companion Book to The Modern Text Book of Astrology

Review of Modern Text Book of Astrology.

Review of Applied Astrology.

After reading the 'Modern Text Book of Astrology' and its companion text 'Applied Astrology' As well as learning a great deal of astrology, I was starting to feel my life was moving in a totally new direction. Instead of thinking of myself as a small builder I was starting to think of myself as an astrologer, well at least a student of astrology. This may not sound much but for me it was a profound shift, I was looking at life that now had meaning and, though I did not know it at the time, the rest of my life would be dedicated to exploring that meaning.